Mock MTO & US DOT Facility Audit

Mock MTO / US DOT Facility Audit

Are you ready for an MTO or DOT facility audit? We can conduct an MTO or DOT-styled audit at your premises which simulates an actual enforcement audit. The mock audit will identify deficiencies as well as strengths in your current safety program. In addition, you will be provided with recommendations on what you can do to improve your standing in the future. This process will audit your driver qualification files, hours of service, collision reporting records and vehicle preventative maintenance programs.

Goals and out comes

  • To identify areas of concern before an actual audit takes place
  • Provide you the opportunity to make improvements before an actual enforcement audit
  • Improve your company performance status
  • Reduce the risk of insurance premium increase, by identifying problem areas and pro-actively implementing a process to make improvements to your operating authority
  • Reduce the risk of a “Conditional” operating authority due to a failed audit
  • Your Carrier Safety Rating is public information; insurance companies and shippers can access your Carrier Safety Rating which, in turn, helps them make informed decisions. Carriers with a good Safety Rating have little difficulty promoting their services to potential customers. Maintain your good operating authorities by ensuring a successful facility audit.


Contact your Loss Prevention Consultant at 905-898-9167 to discuss the objectives of a facility audit.