Driver Evaluation Training

Driver Evaluations are one-on-one, in-cab evaluations designed to identify skill gaps and training opportunities for all driver levels. This evaluation reviews all areas of transport truck operation including, pre-trip inspection, driving and backing. A copy of our assessment is given to include on a driver’s record.

Key Elements
The driver evaluation program takes the driver for a 2 hour road evaluation including pre-trip inspection. The evaluation will identify areas of weakness along with areas of exceptional skill. This evaluation can be done with your vehicle or ours.

Trainee Benefits

  • Personalized evaluation for each driver
  • Immediate feedback on performance
  • Non-biased evaluation

Employer Benefits

  • Evaluation of key aspects of the drivers performance
  • Ideal for new hires, drivers that have accumulated violations and annual review compliance
  • Post-incident or accident evaluation
  • Identify training opportunities

Courses are available at your convenience – at your location. Contact your Loss Prevention Consultant at 905-898-9167 to schedule your program.