New Hire Orientation

New Hire Orientation

New hire orientation is a collection of the tasks, process and procedures necessary for introducing a new employee to your organization. It is about providing an informative, organized, and enriching experience to new hires and those who are involved in welcoming them to your company. Employee orientation is more than a quick presentation and paperwork. Effective training increases employee engagement and propels employees to full productivity faster. Without effective orientation training optimal performance of new employees may be delayed or potentially never attained, there could be possible lost productivity as well as customer dissatisfaction due to improper training. Deliver proper, customized orientation training and provide your new hire with your company’s expectations.

Goals and out comes

  • Reduce driver turnover
  • Reduce costs of having a full time safety trainer
  • Ensure driver qualification compliance
  • No favouritism by having a qualified third party conduct pre-employment road testing


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