Driver Safety Meeting

Driver Safety Meetings

Driver Safety Meetings are presentations that are customized to a specific trucking company’s needs. Driver meetings are developed and delivered as an in-house presentation by our experienced Loss Prevention Consultant. These meetings are specific to transportation-related safety issues such as HOS regulations, vehicle inspection overviews, load securement, safe winter driving and general operating authority standards. All meeting criteria can be customized to suit your company’s operations. All training components of the safety meeting will receive knowledge verification testing, which will be placed in individual driver files as proof of training.

Goals and out comes

  • Provide continued education for your drivers
  • Ensure your drivers understand current and new regulations
  • Reduce needless violations and citations
  • Promotes safety and compliance standards to your fleet
  • Reduce driver and vehicle downtime
  • Provides support for company expectations


Contact your Loss Prevention Consultant at 905-898-9167 to schedule a customized driver safety training presentation.