Vehicle Inspection Training

This course teaches drivers and managers how to apply the Daily Vehicle Inspection rules, complete inspection reports and report defects in compliance with Ontario Regulation 199/07. Drivers will understand how to conduct a proper inspection, the proper forms to use, the difference between minor and major defects and how to avoid getting a ticket. The program is a good way to avoid CVOR points that accompany violations.

Key Elements
Ontario Vehicle Inspection Regulation 199/07 – Covers all the daily vehicle inspection requirements listed in the regulation. Schedule 1: This is part of the Ontario Vehicle Inspection Regulation 199/07 and lists 23 items that have to be inspected on a truck, tractor and trailer during a daily inspection. This course provides the knowledge to apply Schedule 1 requirements properly and conduct the daily inspection in a lawful manner.

Trainee Benefits

  • Know and understand the legislation governing pre-trip inspections
  • Identify and apply trip inspection procedures in accordance with applicable standards and regulations
  • Understand MTO regulations governing minor/major defects

Employer Benefits

  • Reduce violations and citations due to poor pre-trip inspections
  • Identify minor and major defects early reducing costly repairs
  • Ensure consistent vehicle inspections within your fleet
  • Excellent refresher and driver meeting instruction

Who Should Attend

  • Drivers
  • Trainers
  • Driver Mentors
  • Safety Managers
  • Recruiters

Courses are available at your convenience – at your location. Contact your Loss Prevention Consultant at 905-898-9167 to schedule your program.