Load Securement Training

The course is designed to understand and apply the Securement requirements, safe loading practices, securing specific types of commodities and inspecting a secured load for compliance with the North American Cargo Securement Standard. By following the requirements in the North American Cargo Securement Standard, you will be in compliance with Provincial (Canada) and Federal (US) regulations. This course can also be customized to your specific commodity being transported.

Key Elements
Learn how cargo securement principles apply to different commodities, be able to determine what is required to properly load and secure different commodities including the number, placement and types of cargo securing devices. Understanding the general requirements for cargo securement and principles for securing heavy vehicle, equipment, and machinery

Trainee Benefits

  • The Importance of Proper Securement
  • General Cargo Securement Requirements
  • Requirements For Containing, Immobilizing, And Securing Cargo
  • Working Load Limits & Default Working Load Limits

Employer Benefits

  • Reduce violations and citations due to insecure loads
  • Reduce / eliminate cargo damages due to improper securement
  • Have your drivers be proficient in cargo securement and transport

Who Should Attend

  • Drivers
  • Trainers
  • Driver Mentors
  • Safety Managers

Courses are available at your convenience – at your location. Contact your Loss Prevention Consultant at 905-898-9167 to schedule your program.