Driver Safety Policy & Procedure Manual

Driver Safety Policy and Procedure Manual

Any employer using commercial motor vehicles in the operation of its business must address certain MTO & DOT requirements (if US DOT licenced carrier). The Driver Safety Policy & Procedure Manual supports compliance with specific MTO and DOT regulations as well as specific company policies into a written manual that enables employees to fully understand your company’s effort to comply with all regulations. Manuals can be customized to include policies and procedures specific to your operations and can also include individual customer related safety requirements.

Goals and out comes

  • To provide the tools your drivers need to maintain a safe work environment
  • To ensure your employees and contractors understand the legal requirements of the country they are operating with-in.
  • To support and elevate your company’s safety program
  • Use the Driver Safety Policy & Procedure Manual during new hire orientation to ensure your company’s expectations are conveyed succinctly
  • Provide tangible documentation to your insurance company of proof of safety training and your company’s commitment to safety


Contact your Loss Prevention Consultant at 905-898-9167 to review what information is required in a professional driver safety manual.